Spy Phone Galaxy Note 9

Spy Phone Galaxy Note 9


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Smartphones have become a standard object in today’s society, their use in everyday situations being commonplace.
Our SpyPhone is a pocket-sized, all-round and all-inclusive, unsuspicious undercover surveillance tool for HD photos and HD video recording along with several additional features such as streaming, cloud storage, remote control functionality, and much more. The relocation of the selfie camera to the top of the phone makes it possible to hold the device in an unsuspicious way while filming straight out of the top edge.

A special software TwentyOne gives full background capabilities. The main functions can be accessed via widgets or remote control without opening the software screen. The user has the ability to use standard apps, while video recording, time-lapse or streaming is running in the background.The user has the option to lock the phone, without interrupting recording, time-lapse or streaming. It takes continuous still images in the interval set by the user.
The device sends an SMS with the current GPS location of the unit to a phone number which can be defined in the software settings. The Dropbox feature allows to connect the unit to a Dropbox account and automatically upload any videos and/or photos taken.
The app features an embedded GPS stamp which can be added to the time/date stamp. Recording, streaming, still-images and many other features can be activated remotely via a phone call from a pre-defined number.


SMS remote control:
Recording, streaming, still images, time-lapse, remote erase and many other features can be
activated remotely via SMS commands.
Timelapse, recording, streaming, and panic erase can be accessed via widgets.
Live streaming allows to stream video, audio or video&audio to a server.


Panic mode:
The panic mode allows the user to delete in an instant all images, videos and audio recordings
from application TwentyOne. The panic mode can be initiated via power button, widget and via remote SMS/phone call.


  • Hidden photo and video recording
  • Live streaming of video and audio
  • Panic erase mode deletes all files
  • Remote activation via SMS or phone call
  • Unsuspicious control via standard widgets
  • Automatic Dropbox upload of recordings
  • GPS tracking of device via SMS
  • Original Samsung HD camera with auto focus and outstanding low-light sensitivity
  • Camouflaged camera allows hidden video and photo recording
  • Embedded, customizable time/date/location stamp in every video frame and photo
  • Phone can be locked during operation
  • Full background functionality allows the use of other, standard apps while recording is running in the background
  • Headset button option for hands free operation mode


  • 8 MP Samsung HD camera
  • autofocus
  • F1.7 aperture
  • 1/3.6” sensor size
  • 1.22 μm pixel size
  • 4:3 sensor ratio
  • 80° FOV

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